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LÜTZE on tour with automation component solutions

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Automation Solutions are on the move at LÜTZE‘s Michigan Distributor HH Barnum

Automation component solutions contine to expand rapidly with new products every year. However, it is becoming increasingly more difficult for end users to allocate time for new product assessment. LÜTZE’s Michigan, USA distributor HH Barnum is meeting this challenge by taking their new products to the end users via their “Automation Tour 2011”.

The Automation Tour 2011 features a 38 foot climate controlled trailer which is towed by a GMC 2500H truck.  The trailer includes twelve automation suppliers who have a key partnership with HH Barnum including LÜTZE Inc. The value for the truck, trailer and suppliers’ on-board equipment is estimated to be $350,000.

LÜTZE on tour with automation component solutions - Friedrich Lütze GmbH

Each automation partner has a working display of their various automation products and services. LÜTZE’s display features our new A216 DRIVEFLEX™ Variable Frequency Drive cable, C-track cables, a variety of Power Supplies and Ethernet modules, LOCC Box circuit protection and LSC automation solutions.  The LSC frame has both Rockwell and Siemens controllers mounted in it, which actively control all the displays in the trailer plus LÜTZE provides the DC 24 V power for the displays with our DC 24 V compact switch power supplies. 

The Automation Tour 2011 travels three days per week from mid Spring to Mid Fall throughout Michigan, Northern Indiana and Northern Ohio.  Generally the Tour stops at three to four OEMs and/or end users per day. The Tour always is manned by at least one Barnum Technical Support person, a Barnum Product Manager, the Barnum Account Representive responsible for the OEM/end user along with several supplier reprentatives who provide their high level of technical support as well.  Not only can the end user learn about new products, but they are able to experience hands on solutions for their special projects.

HH Barnum estimates that five to seven thousand engineers and technical specialists will experience the Automation Tour 2011.  This is the second year for the tour and by all accounts, the Automation Tour 2011 guests appreciate the value of the on-board expertise and product displays that HH Barnum bring to their place of business.  LÜTZE values the partnership with HH Barnum’s “Automation Tour 2011” and is looking forward to HH Barnum’s “Automation Tour 2012”.