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LSC on emergency watch

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It all started as a joint search for innovative and individual wiring solutions for electrical control panels. Today the development divisions of COMECA and LÜTZE are working on 100 percent solutions, i.e. for integrated control panels in university hospitals. 

To produce electronic devices with electromechanical components was COMECA's idea back in 1974. Today, Construction Mécaniques et Electrique de la Croix d’Argent produces in 25 locations with 1,300 employees in France and other countries.

LSC on emergency watch - Friedrich Lütze GmbH

One area is integrated control panels for hospitals by original equipment manufacturers.. What's important here are fast and smooth processes. When planning an innovation for the emergency room of university hospitals, LÜTZE turned out to be the sought-after implementation partner. The project was approached with joint forces: one of the objectives was to optimise storage space with distribution panels by using the LSC aluminium frame from LÜTZE, integrated in COMECA low voltage switchboards. The number of outputs also needed to be increased in compliance with selectivity regulations. Now with this solution 20 percent more devices can be installed in one distribution switchboard in the medical technology room. A requirement that was met from the first project phase. The electricians value the simple connection and flexible modification: Setup and wiring access from the front, and cables behind the LSC bridges remain accessible at all times.

Thanks to the large number of aluminium profiles and the modular frame construction, the LSC system can be adapted to almost all control units – every setup request is met. Furthermore, the control units can be significantly smaller, which minimizes unproductive areas and thus costs. Energy costs are also saved; this is ensured by the excellent thermodynamics of the LSC frame, in which the air can circulate almost unhindered and thus helps with cooling. 

LÜTZE supplies the LSC frames fully assembled and individually checked, which is an important quality criterion for COMECA. For LÜTZE, as well as the hospital, the partnership with COMECA guarantees quality and security which have the highest priority in this sensitive area: A healthy partnership has eveolved, creating a consistent solution to the issues involving power distribution in control systems for the medical industry.

Laurent Naulay – LSC Product Manager at LÜTZE France