Relays and solid-state relays

Relays, solid state relays, and isolating converters of the LCIS system series can realize tasks up to isolation voltages of 4kV.

LÜTZE offers electronic relays for numerous applications ranging in temperatures from -40 °C to 75 °C, and coupling and switching loads up to 250 V/16 A. Screw and tension spring connections are also available along with push-in connections as standard options.

LCIS relays have UL, CSA and GL approvals for global use.

The innovative, electronic LCIS housing offers a simplified installation option through isolated bridges, which are available with various numbers of terminations.

Use in distribution boxes due to small construction depth

Thanks to their small construction depth of only 71 mm, all LCIS relays can be installed easily in low profile distribution boxes. The corresponding marking tabs make individual labeling easy. This simplifies installation and minimizes wiring errors.

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Push-in or screw termination

LCIS relays offers two options for universal termination technology: push-in or screw termination. Each 2mm push-in test socket on all units provides a quick and convenient method for testing equipment measurements. This ensures secure connections.

Global Approvals

The LÜTZE LCIS-relay series is suitable for use in temperature ranges of -40°C to +85°C. The V0, NFF I2, and F2 approvals enable installation in harsh industrial environments.  Worldwide approvals, such as UL, CSA and GL allow for use in global applications.

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