Components and solutions for Industry 4.0

The benefits of a reliable power supply can only take effect if a suitable safety concept has been developed that meets the selective switch-off requirements with high cable attenuation and integration into the existing communication level.

Reliable cable protection

With its portfolio from the area of Control, LÜTZE covers the area of electronic overload and short circuit protection as well as the entire spectrum of industrial power supplies. The LOCC-Box and LCOS CC systems offer an intelligent and reliable power monitoring and all the possibilities of integration into the Industrial Internet of things applications.

In addition, LÜTZE offers a broad range of signal converters and switchgear for coupling signals and for switching loads - also suitable for use in switchboxes because of the low construction height of the innovative LCIS housing.

Numerous applications for IOT
The LÜTZE Control range is rounded off with switches, media converters and bus couplers for industrial network infrastructure and numerous functional components, as well as with the modular electronics housing system LCOS for installation of all kinds of electronics.

LÜTZE Online Catalogue
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Product categories

Intelligent Current Control with LOCC Box

Electronic overload and short-circuit monitoring for safe cable protection, including integration into the existing communication level.

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Industrial power supplies for all requirements

Highly efficient 1, 2 or 3-phase mains adapters ranging from 30 to 2,400 W and for various power supply ranges.

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Relays and solid-state relays

Relays, semiconductor relays and converters for a wide range of switching and isolation tasks.

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Signal converter and temperature converter

For industrial use in many sectors. Thanks to the small profile, also ideal for use in distribution boxes.

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Industrial Ethernet: Infrastructure solutions from a single source

Cables and pre-fabricated cables, connection technology, switches and media converters for professional Industrial Ethernet.

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