Different versions of the LOCC-Box:



Version for nearly all requirements. 50 manual setting options in one module. This means design flexibility and cost savings in purchasing, in the warehouse, in switch cabinet construction or in on-site service.


Builds on the LOCC-Box Standard, with communication via various field bus systems (Profinet-IO, Profibus-DP or EtherCAT). Optional current and voltage measurement, precise on/off switching, preventative maintenance and status requests are possible.


Affordable version for the essential tasks of line and device protection. Status request is possible via Pin 3. The current range and tripping characteristic are determined by order code and are factory-set. The protected output is available through 3 connection terminals and saves additional distribution terminals and costs.


Cost-optimized 2-channel version on 8.1 mm, including status notification for each channel. Flexible current range setting with a rotary selector in 1A steps for both channels.

LOCC-Box-C2 / C2Net

Compliant with NEC Class 2 and actively limits the output current. Thus, the output rating is limited to max. 96 W. Special power supply units in accordance with NEC Class 2 are not required.