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AirSTREAM Compact

More flexibility inside the control cabinet

AirSTREAM Compact is used in smaller, compact cabinets in which there is little space in the depth.

The rail profiles on the AirSTREAM Compact are not carried with brackets but with supports. These are available in various lengths so that different depths can be achieved.

As usual, wiring is installed at the front. Here, the cores are installed to the rear across the combs and then at the side from top to bottom across the supports.

Ideal for switchboxes and small control cabinets

Thanks to the flexible design, more space can be generated in the control cabinet, and time can be saved during installation, modification and wiring.

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Adapter rails (RG 35)

The adapter rail now has edge protection. This ensures double touch-protection, if cables are lying on the edge.

Edge protection for rails (KHS)

All rail profiles are supplied with matching edge protection. This protects the cores when wiring.

Mounting rails (RG 20)

Can be used very flexibly as a support rail or as a rail adapter.

EMC accessories

For securing shielded cables. The EMC accessory is used instead of a comb profile.

Comb variants

Combs can simply be released and replaced with a slot-head screwdriver. Different combs can be used depending on requirements.

EMC rail

The EMC rail serves as a support for shielded cables.

Slide nut variants

All bars are equipped with a slide nut channel to guarantee that components can be built over at every level. Various slide nuts allow use in numerous bar types depending on the design.

Hook and loop adapter

The use of a UL-certified Hook and loop adapter, allows time-saving and careful attachment of wires, cables and conduits. The variants can be attached to hat rail profiles or in slide nut channels.

Angle adapter

The angle adapter is used to align hat profiles on a slant e.g. when using clamps. The new structure allows the attachment of the angle adapter on all rail profiles.