AirSTREAM in detail

More flexibility thanks to the modular design

AirSTREAM with module parts for individually configurable frames offer unrestricted freedom and flexibility for modern control cabinet construction.

Compatibility to previous systems

The new AirSTREAM is compatible with the old LSC-B, even existing design plans can be used, without re-design.

Thin profiles – better load-bearing capacity

They provide for 40 % more wiring space in the control cabinet and further reduce the installation space requirements on the basis of their design. Cooling air can circulate more freely. All components can be reached more easily.

Lightweight but sturdy materials

The frame's special profile is not only stronger, it also requires less space. The installation is both lighter and sturdier.

The comb segments that hold the wires are simply clipped to the profile or levered out with a screwdriver, if they need to be exchanged.

The new core structure of the AirSTREAM profiles can also hold heavy components safely and securely. The mature system of attachment points and shunt rails offers an infinite array of possibilities for installing all components.

Smaller, cooler but spacious

Wiring is much more compact and offers more space for the cores, cable trunking is now superfluous as the wiring level is already integrated into the frame via the thinner profiles or the installed bracket. In this way intelligent air circulation is realised that specifically avoid build-ups of dissipating heat.

This effect, which has many benefits, is achieved by dividing the cabinet into a structural level and a wiring level. This means that the air can flow almost without restriction past all the modules and wire cores. The benefits: dissipated heat is reliably discharged, which in turn means that less cooling output is required. Resources are conserved and costs reduced!