AirSTREAM assembly

Pre-assembled or self-assembly

We can supply the standard frame models or customer-specific designs completely assembled. As an additional option, all rails as modules are also available for final assembly in-house.

Pre-assembled, makes your work more flexible

The modular AirSTREAM offers an infinite number of possibilities. The selected, preassembled modules give you unrestricted freedom and flexibility when designing your control cabinet. The assembly is a simple 5-step process.

Step 1:

Arrange the two vertical VPSym profiles so that they are parallel and at a right angle to the work surface. The outer dimensions correspond to the required frame width.

Step 2:

Insert the sliding nuts into the VPSym profiles and then select the approximate places where the modules will be mounted later.

Step 3:

Position all modules in their designated places, place them on the sliding nuts and align them.

Step 4:

Check the clearances when aligning the modules. Normally, the clearance between the rails is 50 mm, i.e. without combs. Also check the clearances at the top and bottom at the end of the frame.

Step 5:

Now attach all modules with toothed washers and screws. Ensure that the screws are tightened with the stipulated torque of 10 Nm.

Frame installation in the control cabinet with AirSTREAM

The frame can now be installed inside the control cabinet using the matching attachment sets for all standard control cabinet types from the LÜTZE accessories program. It is up to you whether to configure and wire the frame inside or outside the control cabinet.

6-point attachment for a secure hold

Normally the frame is attached at 6 points in the control cabinet with the matching LÜTZE accessories sets.