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June 10, 2021

EMC safety in the control cabinet

LÜTZE EMC accessories | Art. No 330088.0010, 380258.0010, 330089.0010, 330071.0010, 330072.0010, 330073.0010

LÜTZE expands its EMC accessories for the AirSTREAM wiring system.

The LÜTZE wiring system product family has been expanded to include the new EMC click elements for AirSTREAM rail profiles. Like the previous click element for hat profiles, the shield clamps and spring shield clamps of the premium EMC accessories can be used. Shielded cables of all kinds from 10-50 mm can be installed safely and tidily. The EMC click elements can be clicked into the AirSTREAM rail profile or in the DIN hat profile without tools. Shielded cables can be fitted directly in front of the part using shield clamps or spring shield clamps.

The EMC click elements in stainless steel for the AirSTREAM rail profiles replace the comb profiles that are usually used. The EMC click elements for the DIN hat profile are compatible with all bars with TS35 hat profiles.

The EMC shield clamps, made of steel plate, ensure that cables with diameters of up to 12 mm are  attached with a perfect contact. Optionally, to attach cables with larger diameters, LÜTZE also supplies spring shield clamps in three different sizes from 10 to 20 mm, 20 to 30 mm and 30 to 50 mm.

Background AirSTREAM

The duct-free AirSTREAM wiring system allows the climate in the control cabinet to be improved so that the active cooling output can be minimized. In contrast to conventional control cabinet designs with mounting plates, the design is separated from the wiring level in the AirSTREAM, and cable ducts that impair the flows are avoided. Also, a chimney effect is created behind the wiring frame  and ideally, the cold air is guided downwards to the rear and then to the front and upwards again. Therefore, a cool zone is created on the rear side of the cabling. Permanent air circulation is generated between the warmer component front side and the cooler wiring rear side. The flexible design and lack of cable ducts in combination with the AirSTREAM system, generates more space in the control cabinet and helps to save time when wiring, mounting and dismantling.

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