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November 05, 2018

OCT hybrid cables for the C-track

LÜTZE launches combined supply cables with a motor supply, brake and digital feedback.

The new LÜTZE OCT hybrid cables (One-Cable-Technology) manufactured to the Beckhoff® standard, are highly suitable for servo drives in industrial environments such as the machine and plant construction sector and transport and conveyor equipment. The LÜTZE OCT cables are equipped with a PUR jacket and special polyolefin wire insulation, and are highly suitable for use in the C-track. The LÜTZE OCT cables are predestined for operation in rough operating conditions such as extreme temperature fluctuations and when using aggressive cooling and lubrication agents. LÜTZE supplies the new OCT cables with varying numbers of wires and cross-sections. They are available from a lot size of 1 unit. Maximum line lengths acc. to the Beckhoff® standard with a motor throttle can be provided in lengths of between 50 and 100 meters.

Perfect for use as C-track chains

The LÜTZE OCT hybrid cables (One-Cable-Technology) come in 7.5xD, and therefore offer very good resistance for long-term and fail-safe use in the C-track. The braided shield optimized for continuous use, offers high active and passive interference resistance (EMC). The application temperature range of the LÜTZE OCT halogen-free and RoHS-conform hybrid cables, lie between -25 °C und +80 °C. The cable fulfils the approvals in accordance with cURus and UL AWM 21233.

Background One Cable Technology: Two become one

The role of servomotors has changed considerably: they have become versatile actuators in networked and flexible production environments. The basis for this are digital interfaces for motor-controller communication - the advantages include 50% fewer cables (two become one), less space required and lower assembly and maintenance costs, in brief: better efficiency and safety. The hybrid cables are therefore becoming more popular and LÜTZE's One-Cable-Technology offers optimal cable solutions for use in the machine and plant construction sector and also in the robot industry.

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