February 13, 2015

Safety is good; reducing costs further is even better.

LÜTZE low-loss motor and frequency converter cable

LÜTZE Weinstadt supplies the LOCC-Box-SC, which is a DC 5A load monitor that protects work and auxiliary contacts in safety relays and safety switching units.

The new LÜTZE LOCC-Box-SC can be used to adapt the current range and the characteristics to the limit values of the work and auxiliary contacts of safety relays. The LOCC-Box-SC offers significant cost benefits when securing safety relays. In addition to reducing the amount of cabling required, the single-channel version allows modular and space-saving system installation on the din rail profile. 

All LOCC-Box-SC modules can be controlled via the status output. Three analogue characteristic curves (fast, medium and slow) can be selected, thereby allowing safe triggering even when cables are very long. The status can be issued as a single-channel or collective malfunction. The LED status display not only signals the capacity of 90% and 100% load, it also indicates the operating modes 'Off', 'Triggered' and 'On'. The power supply is connected via screw-less contact slides that allow a galvanic separation when servicing is necessary. The current ranges can be set via a switch in 1 A-steps from 1 to 5A. Thanks to the use of additional LÜTZE input terminals, the maximum total sum current can be increased to 160A.

Technical backgrounds:

The LÜTZE LOCC-Box-SC is not a safety switch device in compliance with EN 60947-5-1, EN 60204 or VDE 0113-1. The LOCC-Box-SC serves to protect the work and auxiliary contacts in safety relays and safety switching units. The LÜTZE LOCC-Box-SC can be used as protection for all safety relays in which a safety fuse of T6, 3A (I²T < 51A) is prescribed by the manufacturer, e.g. for the PNOZ from the company Pilz. The trigger time in the event of a short-circuit is less than 3ms and therefore conforms to EN61131-2. 

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