February 20, 2014

Fantastic acceleration, speed, and travel values!

LÜTZE SUPERFLEX® PLUS M (C) PUR UL SERVO 0.6/1Kv wires for c-track chains

LÜTZE optimises its premium motor cable thereby offering improved reliability for automation applications.

Modern automation applications have an increasing number of mobile machine parts that are moved at very high speeds and acceleration rates. In consequence, the need for higher reliability in C-track chains has increased. To meet these industrial standards, LÜTZE has improved and expanded its range of SUPERFLEX® PLUS M (C) PUR UL SERVO 0.6/1kV motor cables for C-track chain applications.

One innovative feature is the optimised weaving angle of the copper to allow longer travel ranges and much faster acceleration values. This in turn raises reliability and the service life under normal conditions. For example, the previous travel range of 40 m has been increased to 50 m, the speed from 210 m/min to up to 300 m/min and the possible acceleration from 5 m/s2 to an extremely high value of up to 50 m/s2!

The LÜTZE SUPERFLEX® PLUS M (C) PUR UL SERVO 0.6/1Kv cables are now fully compatible with the specifications of the SIEMENS® 800PLUS series and the Bosch-Rexroth® (Indramat® INK) series. As a result of these optimisations, the cable diameters have been altered slightly.

LÜTZE SUPERFLEX® PLUS M (C) PUR UL SERVO 0.6/1Kv cables are halogen-free and have a cUL approval in accordance with UL 758 AWM 21223.

Thanks to the innovative conductor insulation made of special polypropylene, they have good electrical properties such as low capacity values and a higher dielectric strength. The mechanical benefits lie in the very low friction of the cores during permanent use. The high-quality polyurethane jacket is resistant to many cutting oils and coolants making it ideal for use on machines.

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