November 14, 2013

New LÜTZE SUPERFLEX cable is compatible with digital interface HIPERFACE-DSL®

LÜTZE SUPERFLEX® PLUS M (C) PUR HYBRID SERVO 0.6/1kV for use in c-tracks

Servo motor technology continues to develop further, with the aim of making the technology more user friendly. A new trend for servo motors is integration of the encoder feedback in the transfer cable. The main advantage here is the connection technology, as the connection can be established with just one cable and one connector per motor. With the separate connecting lead becoming superfluous for data transfer, not only is material saved, but a source of error is also eliminated and the installation effort is decreased. LÜTZE added a new innovation to its range and now offers a special servo cable which is compatible with the digital interface HIPERFACE-DSL® from SICK®. This cable is specially designed as hybrid servo cable and consists of three elements: a power supply, a separately shielded motor brake pair and a separately shielded data pair for digital data transfer.

The new LÜTZE SUPERFLEX® PLUS M (C) PUR HYBRID SERVO 0.6/1kV is designed for use in C-tracks which are constantly in motion. In order to guarantee trouble-free functional integrity of the motor in moving applications, the elements in the cable must remain in their position during movement. Furthermore, electrical interferences between the power supply and the data pair must be ruled out through respective shielding. LÜTZE SUPERFLEX® PLUS M (C) PUR HYBRID SERVO 0.6/1kV has all these properties and thus provides a reliable solution for connecting all servo motors with HIPERFACE DSL® technology. LÜTZE also provides this new cable fully assembled.

HIPERFACE-DSL® is a trademark of SICK®

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