April 12, 2013

Less cooling capacity equals less CO² emissions

Less heat problems with actively controllable and targeted routing of cooling air in the control cabinet with the new AirSTREAM

The new AirSTREAM wiring system from the automation specialist LÜTZE, Weinstadt in Germany provides an actively controllable and thus targeted flow control of the cooling air in the control cabinet.

A total of 10 patents, and various research results from the “Innovation Alliance Green Car Body Technologies,“ have contributed to this state-of-the-art air conditioning concept. Special feature: the construction of a conventional control cabinet uses a backplate for component mounting and cable trunking is used to provide wire routing. The AirSTREAM system separates the mounting and wiring in two planes and this design allows the air to circulate as there is space behind the frame which can be used for circulation of cool air. The air flows over the components on the front of the frame and dissipates the heat efficiently as the air can flow freely around all components. This creates permanent air circulation in the cabinet. Hotspots behind and in front of the components can now be dissolved through the additional installation of flow guiding components, so-called AirBLADES. With AirSTREAM, the user can utilise significantly smaller cooling systems (heat exchangers, compression cooling devices) due to the efficient use of the cooling airflow for dissipating the lost heat. From a cooling perspective, backplate construction restricts airflow and the cable trunking creates hot spots. Combining the minimisation of the energy consumption used for cooling control cabinets with the optimum integration of LÜTZE AirSTREAM air conditioning unit, in addition to preventing formation of heat pockets by using intelligent airflow, significantly contributes to reducing CO² emissions and increase operation and system safety. Apart from the energy reduction, this also results in a significant increase in service life of the electronic devices used in the control cabinet.

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