January 08, 2013

It is safe: certified LÜTZE air freight

With immediate effect, we can now all board a plane carrying goods from LÜTZE with peace of mind…

 Air freight is subject to increasingly strict safety regulations. This results in high costs and loss of time. Only for certified "known senders" does everything run smoothly - LÜTZE and its customers can now benefit.

Since December 2012, LÜTZE has met the strict safety regulations of the Federal Office of Civil Aeronautics LBA – confirmed by the certification as "known sender". Shipments from LÜTZE now pass through the multi-stage safety process for air freight much more quickly and cost-effectively. Benefit for LÜTZE customers: The expected goods lift off without delay, saving a lot of time and money.

Prerequisite was the guarantee of a safe delivery chain: from the collecting carrier, who needs to be certified as "regulated agent", to the air carrier. This is the only way the shipments can safely get onto the plane at the airport and be declared as "safe", and then quickly to the customer.

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