September 25, 2012

LÜTZE invest in electronics location Weinstadt

Expansion of electronics manufacturing and reduction of processing times

Friedrich Lütze GmbH continue to invest in the expansion of electronics manufacturing, thus setting a clear signal of their commitment to electronics production in Weinstadt. By optimising the logistic routes and reducing the processing times, not only can the manufacturing capacities be increased, but the processing times will also be significantly lowered.

100 % traceability

With new manufacturing controls and one hundred percent traceability from the components used to the completed products, an even higher quality standard can be achieved in the future, which is of great importance, particularly in rail technology.

Environmentally friendly coating unit for PCBs

Within the scope of their sustainability initiative SkyBLUE, LÜTZE increasingly focus on environmental sustainability in production, in additionon to a new electronic coating unit. For example, apart from reducing emissions, the new automatic coating unit also ensures a significant improvement in process stability.

Clear commitment to Weinstadt

With the expansion of electronic manufacturing, and the recent expansion of assembly capacities for the control cabinet wiring system LSC, as well as protecting existing jobs there is also a potential for additional high-quality positions.

Sustainability is part of the entrepreneurial thinking and acting at LÜTZE

For LÜTZE, sustainability is not a fashion trend but a long-term commitment. For many years, LÜTZE have been flying the flag for sustainability and energy efficiency in production and for technical specifications of numerous LÜTZE parts. Long service life and the outstanding efficiency of active and passive electronic elements, the LÜTZE commitment to carbon neutral rail technology and the use of environmentally-friendly and non-hazardous materials in production are just a few examples to be named here.

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