Guide on energy-efficient control cabinet air conditioning

Due to the advancing miniaturisation of electronic construction elements, the packing density and the heat dissipation of components in a control cabinet increase. This performance loss is emitted as heat and leads to high air temperatures in the control cabinet interior. This could cause overheating and curtail the service life and impair the function of the parts. Therefore, it is important that suitable climate components are used.

In addition to functionality, there are demands for an energy-efficient control cabinet; this not only involves the efficient provision of cooling power, but also its needs-based distribution in the control cabinet interior.

The LÜTZE guide on the energy-efficient operation of control cabinets with the LSC wiring system contains simple planning rules that take thermal factors into account. Also, practical examples are used to explain which improvement steps can be taken to avoid or minimise hotspot areas inside the cabinet in existing systems.

One chapter in the LÜTZE Energy-Efficient Control Cabinet Cooling guide provides detailed information about thermal characteristics in the control cabinet. The planning manual also contains the results of the subproject 4.2.1 'Energy and cost-efficient air conditioning in bodywork construction, investigation on optimised interior control cabinet superstructures' by the innovation alliance 'Green Carbody Technologies'.

Ein eigenes Kapitel des LÜTZE-Leitfadens für Energieeffiziente Schaltschrankkühlung informiert den Leser umfassend über die wärmetechnischen Grundlagen im Schaltschrank.  
Das Planungshandbuch enthält u.a. Ergebnisse des Teilprojektes 4.2.1 „Energie und kosteneffiziente Klimatisierung im Karosseriebau, Untersuchung optimierter innerer Schaltschrankaufbauten“ der Innovationsallianz „Green Carbody Technologies“.

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