UL Standards: The business considerations



Lutze Ltd are supporting PP Control & Automation to promote a series of presentations that deliver OEMs with a critical understanding of UL Standards, seizing on a massive opportunity in North America

We are delighted to be working on this with a number of our key partners:







Getting it right and the risk of getting it wrong

What could happen if you don’t comply to the standard and the importance of getting it right.

As a machine builder, looking to explore new markets in North America, you may be asking ‘do I need to meet any local legislation?’

All these and many more questions are answered in a series of blogs and video presentations. 

The first are now available through the following links:

PP - The opportunity:


PP – The business considerations:


PP – The design considerations:


Rockwell – The component considerations:


Lutze Ltd – The cabling considerations:


Product Approvals – Inspection and evaluation: