Plug connector for all applications

There are many connector options, it is a difficult field of electrical engineering. Whether fitting plugs or sockets, - the connection and disconnection of electrical contacts requires much more knowledge than simply knowing about the male and female ends. LÜTZE offers you a comprehensive assortment of all common plug connectors in the following areas:

  • Valve Suppressors, also with special function
  • M8 or M12 plugs, preassembled or self-assembly, shielded or unshielded
  • Data connector RJ45
  • Wall ducts

Plug connector for valve suppressors

Ideal EMC-protection is guaranteed, if the overvoltage protection is applied as close as possible to the valve. For this, LÜTZE supplies valve connector and adapter with integrated protection device. You have the choice: preassembled or for self-assembly. This fits in every case to all standard forms of construction and even as junior timer and Deutsch connector.

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