Bus Cables and Network Cables

Flexible and highly flexing BUS cables for data transfer in industrial BUS systems and networks. LÜTZE provides BUS and network cables for the most common systems worldwide and according to the industrial ETHERNET standards.

LÜTZE offers not just an extensive portfolio of bus cables and network cables, but also handles the complete assembly of all cables for you, with all variants of connectors.

We guarantee the compliance with the required specifications for all components manufactured by us.

LÜTZE Online Catalogue
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Further products

High Flexing C-Track Cables

Very durable and equipped with excellent electrical properties, LÜTZE SUPERFLEX® cables are specially designed for moving applications in the C-track.

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Control Cables in LÜTZE SUPERFLEX® Quality

Flexible and high flexing control cables for machine construction, air conditioning equipment, conveyor systems etc.

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Electronic Cables – optimized for automated manufacturing

Flexible and high flexing electronic cables for a wide variety of industrial applications.

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Actuator-Sensor-Cables for the industrial environment

High flexing actuator-sensor cables based on EN 60947-5-2 for industrial environments. For field wiring, mechanical processing; also available in prefabricated versions.

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Motor, Servo and Feedback Cables

Flexible and high flexing motor connection and energy supply cables as well as system-specific servo and feedback cables, also available in prefabricated versions.

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UL Cables

For export-oriented machine and the plant construction, and for UL-certified solutions.

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