Friedrich Lütze GmbH

A tradition in automation for over 60 years - With countless pioneering achievements, LÜTZE is today one of the leading firms in industry worldwide.

Friedrich Lütze GmbH in Weinstadt is a  member of worldwide active LUETZE INTERNATIONAL GROUP and is home of the global R&D center and most of the production.

Friedrich Lütze (1923-2014) founded Lütze GmbH in Weinstadt near Stuttgart in 1958. Since then, electronic and electrotechnical components and system solutions for automation and high tech for rail engineering have been designed and produced there.

With ground-breaking innovations and international patents, the company, still young at the time, was already calling attention to itself. With the launch of the LSC system for switch cabinet wiring in 1972, switch cabinet manufacturers could for the first time save up to 25% more space than the conventional layout. In the early 1960s, LÜTZE was among the first suppliers in the world featuring its highly flexible cables.

Since the founding of the firm over 50 years ago it has been the corporate philosophy to be among the leading suppliers in the automation industry featuring highly innovative products. LÜTZE is investing considerably more in research and development than the industry average.

The family business is managed by the second generation of Udo Lütze.

Systematic Technology

Our comprehensive supply program is optimally harmonized to meet all your needs. Our product portfolio consists of industrial Cables to AirSTREAM Wiring Systems; Interface and Suppression technology, Current Control, Power Supplies and Field Bus technology up to network controlled Ethernet. We offer application support with our products.

Technology Available Worldwide

With our locations  throughout Europe and the USA, we are well-positioned to service the European and North American Markets. Our international distribution partners worldwide complement our efforts and provide global product availability and service to our customers.

LÜTZE Transportation Rail Technology

Railway technology is another important mainstay for LÜTZE. The firm is among the leading suppliers in this sector worldwide. Back in 2006 Lütze Transportation was among the first companies to fulfill the demanding IRIS standard. Since then the quality management system was improved constantly, following the improvement of the standard. It now fulfills the requirements of the new ISO/TS22163:2017.

Efficiency in Automation

A reflection of our company philosophy.
As an experienced specialist in automation technology, with solutions for flexible and high flexing cables, cable assemblies, interfaces, current control and cabinet wiring, we have had a focus on efficiency for many years.

LÜTZE defines Efficiency in Automation field as the use of sustainable products and solutions to further increase the performance of our products in our customers applications. We realize this by using components for highly efficient control systems, products with above average life cycles and raising energy efficiency in control cabinets by means of the AirSTREAM wiring system.

Efficiency in Automation reflects our efforts in striving for efficient working relationships with our customers: in a medium sized family owned company we have short communication channels and a high level of manufacturing competence.

Energy Efficiency is our goal

The value of a product or a solution from LÜTZE is determined by its sustainable qualities. Every innovation will only be successful in the future if it has a long term positive effect. Therefore, we provide long lasting as well as highly efficient components. We are incorporating the necessary knowledge and manufacturing competence in numerous joint projects with the objective of improving energy efficiency and sustainable technologies and industries.

Thus LÜTZE creates value through efficiency. LÜTZE provides answers and demonstrates how to handle resources responsibly, with our environment and our future in mind. LÜTZE - Efficiency in Automation

History of Friedrich Lütze GmbH


Conversion/upgrade  to 90 °C for  the control cables and servo cables from the Bosch Rexroth and Siemens systems

Market launch of E-CO Switches for industrial Fast and Gigabit Ethernet applications



Market launch of E-CO Switches for industrial Fast and Gigabit Ethernet applications

LÜTZE enters SPE – Industrial Partner Network - the Single Pair Ethernet network of reputed companies in the automation sector

Introduction of new digital communication formats, such as video blogs, podcasts, showbook, and streaming studios

Expansion of the AirSTREAM wiring system to include the modular mounting rail system SR032 that offers more flexibility and simplifies the frame installation process

Launch of the new LCOS bus coupler for current control and LCOS CC/CCI current control with selective fuse


Opening of the Connectivity Competence Center at LÜTZE CZ

Launch AirSTREAM Compact for small control cabinets and switchboxes

LÜTZE takes over Passenger Information from PICASO and expands the product range of LÜTZE TRANSPORTATION to include areas such as flexible passenger information systems to control screens and displays, modular systems for passenger and driver intercoms, Ethernet solutions for data transfer in the vehicle, and signal generators


ISO/TS 22163 certification

60 Years Efficiency in Automation – LÜTZE celebrates its 60th anniversary

Expansion of Connectivity Production at LÜTZE CZ


Development of AirSTREAM wiring system to a full range program for highly efficient cabinet cooling


Reorganisation of the management team with CEO Martin Teufel

Launch of ultracompact LCOS-PS Power Supplies as one of the smallest 120 W power supplies in the factory automation world market

Launch of AirBLOWER for even and consistent cabinet climate

Start of AirTEMP online tool to analyze heat build-up and distribution in control cabinet

Lütze Transportation GmbH moves into a new office in Weinstadt, Germany


Expansion of the intelligent current monitoring system, LOCC-Box, to include the models LOCC-Box 48 V, LOCC-Box SC and LCOS CC

Launch of LCIS industrial relay series

Acquiring Data Guide Cable (DGC), a cable manufacturer in the USA, and expansion of its production capacities in the cable and wire field


Friedrich Lütze, founder and senior partner dies at age 90

Expansion of the efficient motor power cable range

Launch of web-based and modular online configurator for the AirSTREAM wiring system

Introduction of modular LCOS electronics housing solution, that can be individually customized to the requirements of the control cabinet


Business expansion at the US American location Charlotte in North Carolina

Innovation alliance Green Carbody results presentation, AirSTREAM  verifiably reduces energy requirements for control cabinet cooling and helps avoid hot spots in the control cabinet

Friedrich Lütze awarded prize for his life's work


Friedrich Lütze GmbH & Co. KG renamed as Friedrich Lütze GmbH

Market launch of the energy-efficient and space-saving control cabinet wiring system AirSTREAM


Market launch of the media-resistant SUPERFLEX® TPE cables in the sectors of farming, food and biogas production

Foundation of Lütze Transportation GmbH, Managing Director Andre Kengerter


Establishment of Luetze Trading Co. Ltd China

Market launch of the LCON converter generation

LÜTZE is one of the first 20 companies worldwide that can comply with the revised IRIS 02 standard

LÜTZE, together with well-known German companies from the automotive sector, is a project partner of the alliance for innovation Green Carbody Technologies (a project for increasing energy efficiency, supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research)


50 years Tradition in Automation – The company's 50th anniversary


IRIS certification as one of the first companies in the world

Market launch of the current control system LOCC-Box


ELFRA s.r.o. - New construction of plant in Czech Republic


Market launch of IP67 ethernet solutions and the next converter generation

Establishment of LÜTZE ES


Development of a new housing series for interface technology


ELFRA s.r.o. - Start of production in Czech Republic

Market launch of infrastructure components for ethernet networks in industry


First company that could offer complex analogue converters in 6.2 mm width


Market launch of automation products for railway technology


Market launch of first LÜTZE controller DIOPC


First award as a Success Supplier of Siemens


Certification according to DIN ISO 9001


Establishment of LÜTZE Great Britain


Market launch of the first field bus products


Establishment of LÜTZE USA


First railway relay components and interface products


Opening of the logistics centre in Weinstadt-Beutelsbach


Last stage of construction of the building in Weinstadt-Großheppach

From 1980

Development of a variety of special components – mostly to customer specifications


Establishment of LÜTZE Switzerland


Start of development of housing technology


Establishment of LÜTZE France and Austria


Market launch and production of electronic components such as transfer elements, connector elements, suppressor components


Market launch of LSC wiring system with great success in the automotive industry


Customer order: Modification of an X-wiring system with the aim of achieving a combination of cable ducts and perforated battens = initial development stage of the LSC system


Launch of LÜTZE SUPERFLEX Cables: highly flexible cables for industry and construction industry. Development due to industry demand and inspired by lift cables. Test production of 500 m.


Construction of the company building in Weinstadt-Großheppach


Control cables: At the urging of some machine construction customers control cables are developed and added to the product range


Development and market launch of flexible Silflex conduits and plastic screwed fittings

From 1960

Expansion of products and services, specialisation in individual sectors such as construction industry, hospitals, industry


Company established by Friedrich Lütze with DM 2,000 start-up capital. Start-up as a wholesaler without a warehouse. The demand in the construction sector and in industry during the years of setting up was immense. Distribution of electrical appliances, cables and electronic components