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June 09, 2021

AirSTREAM Plug and Play with the new mounting rail SR032

The new pioneering mounting rail system for the AirSTREAM control cabinet wiring saves the user a lot of time when fitting wiring frames, facilitates the installation of the electrical components and also makes subsequent changes to the wiring easy.

In 2010, the AirSTREAM wiring system was launched and marked the introduction of a completely new control cabinet philosophy. For the first time, heat dissipation and distribution were consistently optimized. Studies have since shown that the cooling properties of the AirSTREAM wiring system is up to 15% better than comparable conventional control cabinets. In addition to the significant extension to the lifecycle of all installed components, an AirSTREAM frame needs 30% less space than a traditional mounting plate. Now, 10 years on, the control cabinet pioneers from Weinstadt have set themselves the task of revolutionizing conventional frame installations and have come up with an innovative mounting rail system. For this first time, it is now possible for customers to build a frame on site in the factory halls on their own, easily and quickly. The system is simple, and has an intelligent design based on a standardized grid that allows all bars that are used to attach the components to be mounted steplessly without the need for prior measuring and adjustments. Users can cut the final installation time on site by 50%. The mounting rail system is designed as a modular system and allows an unprecedented level of flexibility when configuring control cabinets. For instance, entire fields in the middle of the frame can be left free for subsequent configuration or retrofitting.

Frame installation on site - time-saving and comfortable

The fact that an AirSTREAM frame can be assembled spontaneously and, theoretically, on the floor of the factory thanks to the modular principle, shows how clever this system is. The assembly process is flexible and intuitive thanks to the defined hole pattern. Without measuring or drilling, installation bars can be positioned and screwed using brackets or even EMC profiles in a 10 mm grid or with sliding nuts in the millimeter range. Users do not require an assembly table nor special tools to build the frame. Practical tests have verified the significant benefits for the user, thanks to the high level of flexibility during the final assembly stage, and when making changes on site to the previous system or the mounting plate. The LÜTZE engineers have designed the new mounting rail system as a modular system to include defined lengths and standardized dimensions in a 10, 25 and 50-mm hole pattern. A further advantage: The AirSTREAM mounting rail system offers up to 12 mm more depth, which is highly beneficial for special cabinets. To affix the frame in the cabinet, Lütze also supplies various adapter brackets that simplify the frame installation depending on the circumstances. To this end, a cage nut with a metric thread is swung into the required point of the carrier rail hole pattern. Alternatively, tapping screws can be used. Michael Bautz, Product Manager Cabinet at LÜTZE: "The decisive benefit of the new mounting rail is its high level of flexibility. Customers can simply replace or add modules; this saves the user a lot of time on site, which ultimately also saves money."

Very flexible for modifications and subsequent expansions

The LÜTZE mounting rail concept is also the ideal solution for the final assembly of the devices and allows numerous variants to be used.  This allows other wiring rails to be fitted between all installed wiring rails using rotating sliding nuts or self-tapping screws. Alternatively, entire fields in the middle of the frame can be left free for subsequent configuration. This means that the frame can be completed at a later time or can be retrofitted with other modules.

Bernd Hütter, Product Market Manager Cabinet at LÜTZE: "For many users it is a huge advantage if the frame can be preconfigured with basic elements during the production phase. The frame is only finalized on site, e.g. with control units in varying sizes or inverters, when the precise requirements have been defined." Accordingly, the profiles for the busbar system and for the power supply in the upper part of the frame and the profiles for the terminals in the lower part can be installed as standard, ex-works. The middle of the frame remains free for subsequent installations, e.g. rail profiles onto which converters of control units are fitted." Michael Bautz adds: "It is much easier now for the customer to completely configure his cabinet on site. In the past, the sliding nuts needed to be planned in advance or time was required to re-tighten them and this required the removal of the modules first. This is no longer necessary with the new mounting rail system - thanks to the AirSTREAM Plug and Play concept.

Higher packing density of the mounting rail saves on the cost of logistics

One of the positive side effects of the new LÜTZE mounting rail system is that the AirSTREAM will now be available even more quickly across the world. This modular system can be completely mounted or purchased for self-installation from LÜTZE sales offices and partners across the globe. Michael Bautz: We have both customer groups: Those that purchase finished frames and want to start wiring immediately, and those who want the maximum flexibility offered by self-assembly systems and shorter delivery times combined with design freedom. Of course, the latter also profit from simpler logistics and customs processes.

Easy installation thanks to extensive accessories

In addition to a snap-fit edge protector that closes the ends of the mounting rail cleanly and boosts work safety, Lütze has produced new brackets that are specially designed for the AirSTREAM mounting rail system. These brackets allow the space-saving installation of the mounting rails across the entire frame width. The new mounting rails are compatible with the long-time proven VPsym mounting rail, Both systems can be used in parallel. We also supply an extensive array of premium accessories, such as UL-certified hook and loop adapters with various attachment options, adapting brackets and grounding straps.

Tested and certified quality

The AirSTREAM mounting rails are shaped in a profiling procedure, during which a high-quality steel plate is processed in numerous steps and shaped into its new structure. The mounting rail modules offer excellent current capacity and contact resistance properties, and are continuously earthed. Compared to the classic mounting plate, an AirSTREAM frame built with the new mounting rails offers a weight saving of approximately 8 kg. The new AirSTREAM mounting rail system has completed all tests and certifications relevant for industrial use with regard to loads, including vibration-shock, corrosion and harmful gas.

Improvement of the climate inside the control cabinet

Components and power electronics are becoming increasingly smaller and more efficient, and therefore more parts are being fitted into tighter spaces. However, because the thermal loss dissipation is not reduced to the same extent, the heat generated in the control cabinet grows steadily. LÜTZE's AirSTREAM concept is just the answer you need. Thanks to intelligent air control and the AirBLOWER fan system as an accessory, hotspots are prevented and the climate in the control cabinet is homogenized. Instead, energy savings of up to 23% for control cabinet cooling are possible.

The duct-free AirSTREAM wiring system enables the climate in the control cabinet to be improved so that the active cooling output can be minimized. In contrast to conventional control cabinet designs with mounting plates, the design is separated from the wiring level in the AirSTREAM  In this way, cable ducts that impair the flows are avoided, and a chimney effect is created behind the wiring fame. Ideally, the cold air is guided downwards to the rear and then to the front and upwards again. Therefore, a cool zone is created on the rear side of the cabling. Permanent air circulation is generated between the warmer wiring front side and the cooler wiring rear side.

Empirical studies, including a study in cooperation with the IGTE (Institute for Building Energy, Thermotechnology and Energy Storage at the University of Stuttgart) have shown how to create a permanently low and homogenous temperature in the control cabinet using simple and energy-saving means. Research results have indicated that the AirBLOWER supports the active cooling process and allows it to be reduced. A prerequisite for this is however, that the wiring within the control cabinet allows free air circulation, i.e. the exchange between the warmer and cooler temperature ranges in the control cabinet may not be obstructed.

Also, LÜTZE has come up with highly efficient instruments, software tools and intelligent accessories for designing control cabinets and thermal simulations. For instance, the AirTEMP thermal analysis tool can calculate the theoretical temperature in the control cabinet. The results do not relate to a body but to three levels inside the control cabinet. This means that the results are three times more precise than other conventional temperature calculation tools on the market. The LÜTZE AirSTREAM wiring system is now available in the EPLAN Data Portal for planning the control cabinet. This further simplifies and accelerates the engineering of all AirSTREAM standard modules significantly. In addition, you can also opt for the AirSTREAM Compact that is specially designed for smaller control cabinets, allowing you to make full use of the benefits of optimised space assignment, also in switchboxes.


The advantages of the new AirSTREAM mounting rail system

  • Independent frame installation on site
  • Modular system with 10, 25 and 50-mm hole grid
  • Simple frame installation without the need for measuring, drilling or special tools. No assembly table necessary.
  • Time savings during assembly of up to 50 %
  • Entire fields in the middle of the frame can be left free for subsequent configuration.
  • Lower freight and packaging costs
  • Added value is created on site, thereby cutting down on customs duties and import taxes.
  • Extensive accessories program
  • High-quality, tested materials with a weight advantage of about 8 kg compared to mounting plates

Authors: Michael Bautz and Bernd Hütter | LÜTZE Product Management Cabinet Solutions