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More space and flexibility in small control cabinets

The new LÜTZE AirSTREAM Compact wiring system ensures better air circulation now also in particular for shallow cabinets or for special cabinets.

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“The market demands reliable and long-lasting cables as well as cables that can be used for all the necessary applications. With its SUPERFLEX® series, LÜTZE precisely meets these two important requirements”

Markus Abstoß, General Manager a+h Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH High flexible C-Track Cables

“AirSTREAM is an integrated control cabinet system. Its outstanding properties include its thermal advantages, flexibility and the fact that up to 30% space can be saved in the cabinet, thereby allowing solutions to be realized that would not have been possible with the mounting board.”

Christian Scheele, Managing Director of Kramer Industrieprodukte GmbH Cabinet cooling with AirSTREAM system
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A tradition in automation for over 60 years - With countless pioneering achievements, LÜTZE is today one of the leading firms in the industry worldwide. Mr. Friedrich Lütze founded Friedrich Lütze GmbH in Weinstadt near Stuttgart, Germany, in 1958. Since then, electronic and electrotechnical components and system solutions for automation and high tech for rail engineering have been designed and produced there.

With ground-breaking innovations and international patents, the company, still young at the time, was already calling attention to itself. With the launch of the LSC wiring system for switch control cabinet wiring in 1972,

control cabinet manufacturers could for the first time save up to 25% more space than the conventional layout. In the early 1980s, LÜTZE was among the first suppliers in the world featuring its continuous flexing SUPERFLEX® cables.

Since the founding of the firm, it has been the corporate philosophy to be among the leading suppliers in the automation industry featuring highly innovative and efficient products. LÜTZE is investing considerably more in research and development than the industry average. The family business is managed by the second generation of Mr. Udo Lütze.